Sea Wool Socks - Free Pattern

To start with, this isn’t the most creative sock pattern on the internet, in fact, this is a very plain pattern designed to highlight the lush colour and texture of Sea Wool. I’m certain that others’ have made socks to these specifications before. Even so, I want to share with you what I did in hopes of inspiring you to adapt these socks to fit your needs.

Sea Wool by Fleece Artist
70% Merino, 30% Seacell

For the heal and toe, I added some support wool, that is, I knitted it together with the main yarn, I buy mine from elann.com for dirt cheep, but you can find it at almost any yarn shop. You need about one and a half (40m) cards or as I do, 3 cards per 2 pairs of socks.

2.25mm needles
aprox. 8sts/1”, or 32sts/4”, or 32sts/10cm

CO 60 sts. Join and work in round.
1x1 rib for 13 rows.
Stst for 5” or 13 cm.

Flap heal with Dutch turn: Divide the sts in half, so that you will put 30 sts to one side and use the other 30 sts to make the heal. ((s1, k1) until end. Turn. s1, purl to end. Turn) repeat 13 times or until the length of the heal flap is equal to the width. Make note of the center 8 sts. k 19sts so that you are on the far side of the center 8 sts, k2tog, turn. sl1, purl 8sts, p2tog. Turn. (s1, k8 Should be one stitch shy of the gap, k2tog. Turn. s1, purl 8, p2tog. Turn) repeat until all heal stitches are used and 10 sts remain for the heal.

Instep: Knit to end of heal, pick up stitches along edge of heal flap, knit top stitches (these should be on a needle all by themselves so that you can tell them apart later on), pick up stitches along other side of heal flap. You should have too many stitches. For the next row, knit into the back loop of the newly picked up stitches to twist them. Row begins at center bottom of sock. (knit until two stitches prior to top stitches, k2tog, knit top stitches, at start of next needle ssk, knit rest of round. Knit next round) – repeat until 60 sts remain.

Knit until 1.5 inches short of desired length.

Toe: make a note of the center side stitches. Row starts at bottom of foot. (knit until 3 sts shy of edge st, k2tog, k1. k1, ssk, k until 3 sts shy of edge st, k2tog, k1. k1, ssk, knit to center bottom. Knit one round) – repeat until 4 sts remain. Break yarn, thread through remaining sts, secure. Thread in ends. Make a second sock.

s1 – slip one stitch knit wise so as to twist the stitch.
k2tog – knit two together
p2tog – purl two together
ssk – slip slip knit.
stst – stocking stitch
(***) – indicates parts to repeat

As usual, if you have any questions, notice any mistakes, &c. Let me know.