Free Knitting Pattern: Hand-Spun Hand-Knit Hat

This is the ideal project for a new spinner. The simplicity of the hat shows up the unique texture of a slub yarn. I suppose you could knit this with any old chunky weight yarn if you liked, but why not spin your own and feel the pure satisfaction of wearing your very first hand spun item on a cold winters day.

Less than 100g of wool, washed and carded (light grey).
Some white wool, washed and carded.
6mm needles or to desired gage.
gage: around 15sts/4"
I spun the wool into woollen singles, then plied them together. It took me a day to make enough yarn, but I'm still learning. There was quite a bit of slub to the yarn, so an accurate wraps per inch was impossible. But the slub just adds to the character of the finished product.

Most of the yarn was plied with both strands being grey, but I had a bit of grey left over on one bobbin, so I plied it with some white. I used this to make a horizontal stripe towards the top of my hat. When it ran out, I returned to grey.
The Hat:
  • CO: 80 sts for small (88 sts for medium to largish hat). Join and knit in the round.
  • Knit 2x2 rib for 8 rows.
  • Stst for 8 rounds.
  • Dec. 4 sts every 2nd round 4 (8) times. You can place 4 stitch markers evenly around the hat and K2tog just before each one.
  • Dec. 4 sts every round until 46 (48) sts remain. (see above)
  • Dec. 8 sts per round until only 4 sts remain. Place 4 more stitch markers halfway between each of the other stitch makers. Knit until two sts before each marker, k2tog, repeat.
  • Break yarn, thread through remaining stitches. Tie and hide ends.
  • Enjoy.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, &c. Leave a message. The patterns here are still 'in the works' so to speak, and I am open to any suggestions.