trebuchet hot water bottle cozy

This hot water cozy is named trebuchet because I knit this while watching a video on building trebuchets and the cable structure sort of reminded me of that.

It very seldom gets cold enough around here to turn the heat up, but there is sometimes a draft which makes my toes cold. A hot watter bottle is the perfect solution, however, rubber is not always the best texture to have against your feet at night. The answer is a cover for my hot watter bottle - it keeps the toes comfy and it helps the hot watter bottle stay warmer all through the night.

As usual, this patter is free of charge for your own enjoyment. Please do not knit this for sale, but if you wanted to make some to give to friends or for yourself, that would be just fine.


2 balls Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann.com

4.5 needles (double point or 16" circular)


Cast on 60 stitches, join in the round and knit 2x2 rib for about 5".

Increase round, K6, inc1, repeat around for a total of 70 sts.

Begin stst. You can knit the rest of the cozy in only stst if you like, but I decided that in order to keep things interesting, I would add a cable pattern. I chose chart B from the Bayerische Socks by See Eunny Knit (one of my personal heroes). I'll post my version of the chart here, but check out Eunny's patter for more details if you have any trouble with it. I added an extra purl stitch to each side of the chart to make it more defined.

Once the cozy is long enough, say around 17" from cast on edge, then you divide the stitches in half, keeping the cable panel in the centre of one side, then knit a three needle bind off.

Some hot water bottles have that little tab at the bottom, so you can leave an opening in the cozy at the center bottom to accommodate it by binding off the sides individually rather than binding off together all the way across then sewing up the bottom to the right place.

As usual, I appreciate any questions, comments, corrections, &c. Let me know if you have any trouble, I will do my best to help.